About Sat One

Sat One is a leading global connectivity company with a focus on becoming the One company customers reach for when communication services are required.

We’re well known for providing global communication solutions, however our passion for space technology and crafting agile tailored connectivity solutions is ultimately what meets our customers’ needs and drives our business forward.

A One team mentality is at the heart of both our company culture and all our communication solutions. Our global communication solutions are powered by space technology including low earth orbit, geo stationary and terrestrial network access (NBN, fibre, microwave and fixed Wireless).

SAT ONE prides itself on being a Tier 1 full ubiquitous telecommunications service offering products across our satellite partner constellations and terrestrial networks including: LEO internet, GEO and MEO, Internet (NBN, fibre and microwave), Voice Wi-fi security, FWaas, SDWAN, Networking Stream One (Streaming and gaming solutions for bandwidth deprived areas)

Having already established a successful telecommunication company, SAT ONE’s inception strategy was based around our experience in voice communications. Now we have evolved into dominating the low Earth orbit (LEO) market, enabling us to offer superior communications solutions for enterprise businesses. SAT ONE’s goal is to continually improve the way our customers connect with the world, and to achieve this objective we must be passionate, collaborative and always restless for change.

Our primary focus is on three core industries - Oil and gas, Mining and Resources, Marine

Full service telecommunications is what SAT ONE offers, combining space technology with terrestrial access to provide customers with agile, bespoke solutions.

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