SAT ONE provides global connectivity through all facets of satellite space technology, namely LEO, MEO and GEO.

Our VSAT offering is deployed via GEO (Geo stationary Earth Orbit) stationary and MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) constellations, offering our customers best-in-breed technology.  SAT ONE is interconnected with the world’s biggest and best satellite networks, allowing us to deploy a purely agnostic solution anywhere in the world.

We offer VSAT services with a broad range of versatility, and we pride ourselves on crafting solutions that are both agile and specific to our customers' needs.

SAT ONE's VSAT offering is powered by GEO satellites orbiting at an altitude close to 35,786km. It's this altitude that enables the satellite to remain fixed over a specific longitude. Our  medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite orbits the earth at an altitude above that of a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, and below that of a geostationary earth orbit (GEO) satellite.

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