With our expertise in connectivity, our leading systems and platforms and our global reach through our business, we can deliver the results you need to progress and thrive by moving voice, video and data securely around the world, across the networks we build for you.

We at SAT ONE believe there is a right solution for everyone, with our hosted voice platform VoIP One can pick & choose the right technology to suit any requirements and provide the confidence, the trust and the support to build a long term relationship with all our clients.

Our Product Voip One is a Hosted Voice Service encompassing a broad range of hosted PBX features and capabilities accessible via the internet or direct connect. Voip One hosted service offers flexible, reliable, and scalable new generation communication access catering to the requirements of SMBs, enterprises, and business utilising the latest technologies.

SAT ONE provides all facets of voice access with SIP trunks and fully hosted PBX licences.

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