In today’s world nearly everything is connected to a network. But what really is a network? Put simply, its function is to combine a series of nodes and links to transfer information to and from a location, or a device. And we all know that in a corporate setting, business-critical information is essential for successful operations.

The building blocks of a network are an accumulation of DCE (Data Communication Equipment) including a modem, hub, switch or DTE (data termination equipment) such as a computer or printer. The link refers to the transmission media connecting two nodes, and it can be physical (optical fiber) or free-space (wireless).

There is a fundamental bridge the links your business requirements and what your network can deliver. The questions that then follow are: ‘What network technology is available to me?’ and ‘What is the best option to suit my business?’

At SAT ONE we strive to position ourselves as a clear carrier and technology agnostic telecommunication provider. This means we have no biases towards, or against, any technology type. Instead, we design each network in consultation with the customer and in accordance with their key business objectives. We then leverage our 30 years of network experience to assess the best option and design an appropriate solution. SAT ONE's consultative process allows us to implement the most effective and efficient business functions across the chosen technologies.

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